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The SkillWorks Funders Group oversees the grantmaking, policy advocacy, evaluation, capacity building and other initiative activities.

The Funders Group meets about 8 times per year, and regularly seeks input from experts in the field to inform the Initiative. Over the past 12 months, topics of discussion have included green jobs, the benefits of sectoral training strategies, WIA authorization, and asset development. Some Funders Group meetings are open to grantmakers who are not yet part of the SkillWorks initiative.

The Funders Group also has two subcommittees that oversee specific components of the initiative's work:

  • Workforce Partnerships Committee: reviews workforce partnership funding proposals and grantee progress and work plans; oversees technical assistance to grantees.
  • Public Policy Committee: reviews public policy advocacy funding proposals and grantee progress and work plans; helps set the policy advocacy agenda for SkillWorks.

Please contact us for more information on Funders Group meetings and activities.

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SkillWorks releases NEW 4-Year Plan (2018-2021)!

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SkillWorks in the news: In recent Boston Business Journal ViewPoint article, SkillWorks Executive Director, Marybeth Campbell, highlights the need to rethink workforce development for a diverse 21st-century workforce.

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